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Single Ladies

Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. It’s about to get a little ranty up in here.

One thing that I’ve bragged about for the past few years is that while a lot of my friends got the “Why aren’t you married with kids yet?” talk from their parents, my parents had been silent on the issue. THAT was truly something I appreciated. Until a couple of weeks ago, when I got a call in which I had to explain to one of my parents that there were actually some pretty valid reasons why I’m not married yet.

Can I just take a moment to say, as a young (yes I still consider 28 to be young) single woman, how refreshing it is not to feel any pressure to be in a relationship with someone just because it’s what is expected by society? I just cannot express to you so much how freeing it’s been to not have anyone in my life questioning my life choices when it comes to finding the man I want to marry. I’ve been able to browse all by myself, on my own terms, and develop my own shopping list when it comes to finding the guy I want to devote some quality time to? It is entirely liberating.

But then I got the call. Then I had to explain that first and foremost, the reason I’m not in a relationship is not because I don’t WANT to be, but because the only people that have asked me out are 40 year-old creepy guys on the bus, who are not my type. And yes, I do have a type; and NO, my type is not the knight-in-shining armor, riding in on a white horse delivering cards, candy, and flowers covered in diamonds. But being a young, independent woman, I know who I am and what I like, and I know what I’m willing to work for in the guy department.

Getting that call did not make me want to go out and find someone around the corner to get married do, but it did make me wonder why it mattered to anyone that I am still young and single. The thing that I always come back to is: “Who said that I have to be married with kids at 28? or 29 for that matter? Who says I have to have kids right out of the gate after I get married? Who says I have to have 5 kids of my own before I can feel fulfilled as a woman? Who?” Oh, I know who (and I’m not saying it’s my parents, because up until now, they had not joined that chorus). Those questions that are always on my mind kind of came to a head during that conversation. I think it was interesting for my parents to hear my point of view on the matter—that I don’t answer to those who think it’s my job as a woman to settle for “the next available someone that I can have kids with.” I take relationships and marriage a little more serious than that.

If you were to take an outside look at my friendships, you could gather that I spend a lot of time and energy pouring into those relationships. And those are just my basic friendships. Throw intimacy and a deeper, honest friendship in the mix and I’m not just going to treat it like it’s a kitten in a box on the side of the road. If I think it has value, which I do, I’m going to go into it full force with 10x the attention, care, concern, and devotion that I would a basic friendship. So (in my opinion) for people in society to think that someone who is in their younger years and not romantically attached to someone (thus giving them some semblance of “mattering” to the world around them), are somehow ‘less than’ or ‘missing the mark,’ is absolutely absurd.

I understand that there sare some people that are married who feel like everyone else around them should be married: We could do married people stuff together! We could talk about our husbands together! We could have kids at the same time and they can have playdates together and then we can talk about how my son will marry your daughter and we’ll plan their whole lives for them!!! What could be more fun?

I’ll tell you what could be more fun. It would be more fun if married people would let time work its magic, like it did with them. It would be more fun if married people would let love progress under its personal circumstances, like it did with them. It would be SO much fun if married people would pray for my future, and that I would make wise choices. It would be SO much fun if married people would remember the pressures they felt when walking into relationships that led them to their mates, and help me work through those when the time comes.

I believe there is power in a woman who is confident in who she is even if she not furiously planning her wedding with the person she has just moved beyond being “just friends” with. And I worry for young women who only see their worth in being attached to a man. Am I against dating someone right now, Not.At.All. In fact, I have even ventured into online dating sites because I realize that I am at a point where I’m comfortable enough with who I am that I’m open to dating. But I have to say that even if I don’t find someone this weekend to go on a date with me, I’m okay. I still have plenty of life in me, and there is still PLENTY of time for me to share it with the person I’m going to marry. And I will—in due time—to someone who adds just what I need to my life, and who I’m willing to build a life together with.

But until that time, I’m not rushing into things. I believe that love is a powerful thing and I’m not afraid to learn along the way, but I’m also not just going to pass my heart out like it’s a SWAG item at a convention. It will be worked for, fought for, looked after, and cared for. I’m not afraid of love, or marriage, or kids, but I AM wary of rushing past the sweet moments that will bring fullness of life in my relationships.


A Little Bit Of Red

Introducing a new sermon series:

I feel that lately, I’ve had this certain argument so much more often: The Issue of using Twitter and Facebook and maintaining a blog. I don’t know if I’m just completely naive (which is a valid possibility), or if others just have a skewed view of me and my approach to technology. Let me begin by clearing the air:

I love technology. I embrace technology. I am aware that technology has the potential to steal one’s time. I am aware that technology in unhealthy amounts can cause a person’s life to become unbalanced . . . however, I believe the same about unhealthy amounts of fast food (ie: the new KFC heart attack “sandwich”), tanning, and pretty much just about anything in life. If it’s an unhealthy amount, it throws ya’ off.

For the record, I am not writing this as an attack. I am merely sharing my thoughts openly about something that has been coming up in my life sooooo much recently. In fact, you might be surprised just how often this topic comes up in my various circles of friends that I have here. There have been some who seem to think that I have an unhealthy amount of technology in my life, due to the fact that I have a Facebook, a Twitter, a Blog, and a Smart Phone. I suppose I may come across to some as a vapid tech junkie, but I think that those who know me best would say that I only add things to my life that I know I can maintain and that I think are beneficial. I also think they would say that I know when enough is enough and I’m able to say no when something is enough—it’s been a long hard road to get to the point where I can do that, but I feel I’m getting better and better at it.

Last Wednesday, I was challenged by a friend of mine to go an entire day without using my phone, laptop, or the internet. He had also recently shared about a radio broadcast that NPR did about how radio waves from cell phones will over time cause our society to become more and more immoral. He mentioned that I should take time out to go outside and read a book. He said I should spend all day Saturday tech-free. I accepted the challenge—it’s not too far from my ordinary Saturday. The only downfall was that instead of doing my writing on a computer, I had to jot down notes on a notebook that I had to re-type into my computer today. The challenge was most likely meant to get me to re-evaluate my view of technology and its power in my life. If that was in fact the challenge, then it was a success on both ends. I rose to the challenge and was able to re-evaluate my view on technology. The following are the thoughts I had throughout that day about my viewpoint on technology:


I get the feeling that many of my friends here, though they know me on a certain level, are unsure of my ability to maintain a healthy life sans technology. I get the feeling that people think I just live on Facebook and Twitter—also, that these social networking tools are leading to the corruption of the world around us, when in reality, technology is not to blame—racism, hatred, selfishness, and ignorance are the true culprits. Would tragedies be happening on a daily basis without social networking? OF COURSE THEY WOULD. We just have the inconvenient convenience of knowing about them sooner thanks to technology.

For the record, I have a blog because I am a writer. By nature, I am a writer. I’m guessing that either because no one has bothered to ask or because they know but don’t see it as anything of consequence,that me being a writer who is unpublished makes any defense I have futile. But I am a writer—published or unpublished. It is my passion and it is something I work hard to perfect. As a writer, the daily habit of writing keeps your perspective fresh. It allows you to keep those muscles moving. When I go out to coffee shops on Saturdays, I’m not just wasting my life on Facebook, I’m using the internet to research things for the stories I’m writing and I’m using applications on my laptop to log scenes and stats and other useful information. Also, I write songs. I use my computer to store the lyrics and thoughts so I’m not constantly bringing 10 spiral notebooks with me everywhere I go. The proof is here—all the songs I have stored in my MacJournal:

I promise I’m not just wasting my life on the internet doing nothing but playing internet games

I also have a blog because I have a family and I have friends in various places across the US. I can’t spend hours upon hours posting about my day on each of their Facebook walls. THAT would be unhealthy. Instead, I write here. And if they feel like reading about my day, they can. If not, they can ignore this blog. The choice is theirs. But I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this blog has helped me stay connected to friends and family in such valuable ways. For instance, when I post things here, especially videos, my mom shows my niece, and all of a sudden the miles don’t seem too far for her. We’re connected.

I use Facebook and Twitter to stay connected. A few weeks ago, two of my old small group students were in a car crash. The youngest, Rachel, was very close to me. She has often told me how much I mean to her and every time I’m in Austin, we get a chance to connect and share lots of hugs. She is such an amazing little lady. Sadly enough, I wouldn’t have known about the accident if it had not been for Facebook and Twitter. I would not have know what happened, or that anything DID happen. Through Facebook, I was able to find out which hospital she was in and what room she was in and thanks to the connectedness I have on those social networking sites, this moment of love was able to happen on my last visit home:

Me & Rachel doing our “Flying Marshmallow” sign

I know it sounds so dramatic when I say that, but it’s so incredibly true. The chain of events that led me to this hospital room, were all thanks to Facebook and Twitter. I cannot even BEGIN to explain to you the chords that were struck in my heart when I went in to see Rachel and her eyes lit up; and the feeling I felt when Rachel’s mom turned away the PT nurses and told them to come back later because this was a very special moment for Rachel. I’m still not sure how I was holding back tears, because inside my heart, they were definitely flowing freely. I am entirely thankful for the technology that led me to that hospital room, to sit next to a girl that couldn’t stop smiling even though she had gone through the ringer of surgeries and survived an insane car crash.

As far as the cell phone’s ability to corrupt my morality, I’m on the fence. I’m sure that in some crazy way, shape or form it could possibly maybe have access to my morality. I’m not quite sure how, but I’m also not sure I care about it either. For now, I’m pretty much FOR the use of my cell phone, again in moderation . . . which is what I use it in now anyway. It offers me a way to stay connected to my family and my friends. I understand how intimidating it can be, seeing as how it is a “Smart Phone” and those come with apps that can be seemingly threatening. However, I’m grateful. Because of that phone, I can know at the touch of a screen how far away my bus is or if I just missed it. I can also get from one destination to another when I’m lost (which happens more often than you would think). And furthermore on the topic of my cell phone, I cannot tell you how thankful and grateful I am for those times when I’ve had an extremely exhausting day and I look down to see my best friend Sarah calling me from West Virginia to say hi and to listen to how my day has been going, and to challenge me and to give me a great laugh or to share with me things that are going on in her life. Because of those moments, our friendship outlasts the distance between Seattle and West Virginia.

In all honesty, most of the conversations I’ve had with people about this issue have left me feeling like a kid at the dinner table. As if I’m not welcome to the “adult world.” I admit, I see things differently and I may not do things the “way I should” or as a “proper lady” would. But I’ve never been proper. I challenge things. I challenge the status quo and I refuse to live a seemingly lifeless life. I spend my weekends outdoors, with friends, doing fun things. I dance at bus stops, I’m loud, and I don’t mind wearing party hats to the grocery store, and sometimes I tweet about it! The fact that I fully embrace technology is not something I am ashamed of. And I don’t believe that it is stealing my soul or threatening my morality. From the many conversations I’ve had about social networking and blogging, I’ve reached five solid conclusions:

1. Social networking, blogging, and use of other technology is not for everyone

2. The road to hell is not paved with technological devices

3. My use and embracing of technology does not make me less of a human being . . . when you use harsh tones and degrade me for using and embracing technology, I still feel its effects.

4. I love technology and embrace its ability to keep me connected to the people and things I love


Update: I realize that this is a rant, and it can come across as condescending. I am in no way trying to attack or criticize any one person. In my attempts to express the thoughts rambling on in my head, I wholeheartedly admit that my own selfish immaturity may have seeped through. Let me be the first to admit that I am NOT better than anyone. I have edited this so as to convey the true thoughts, without casting blame. The truth is, no one is to blame. We all have different viewpoints, mine is no less valid than anyone else’s. My intent in this post is not to stir up dissension or confusion, but to put into writing what I have said over and over and over again in various conversations in order to bring myself closure. I realize that this may not have been the best place for it, since tone and sincerity is hard to convey in a format like this, but I won’t remove this post. I need to be able to look back on things I’ve said or written and learn from them. This is me learning. Thanks for understanding. 😀

That said, let’s all laugh at that picture of Andrew for another moment—it’s PURE GENIUS! ;D

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Ahoy from Denver, Colorado!

I have a 3 hour layover at the Denvy airport, so I figured I would blog, y’know, since I’ve neglected it for the past 2 days 😉

Today has actually been kinda sub-par on the flying side of things. Normally I enjoy flying and exploring different airports, but there’s just something kinda crummy about the morning flight today. (careful, I’m about to get real whiny and pretend I’m entitled to things)

Maybe it was because I requested a window seat on my online ticket purchase and instead got an aisle seat at the back of the plane. (I’m freakin’ Glenn from The Wedding Singer :O ) In my attempts to sleep after irresponsibly only getting an hour of it since yesterday, I was jolted out of my sleep about 5 times for the beverage cart, 3 times by people using the bathroom, and about 25 times by the fidgety little girl sitting next to me. In between my zombie phased drowsiness, I had to make sure that the cuppy cakes that I’m bringing home were safe. Don’t worry though, they made it through the first flight A-OK! 😀

Then as we were taxiing and waiting at the gate, the mother of the girl sitting next to me, who was in my row as well, started puking everywhere. Some made it into the bag, some not so much. The smell was overwhelming. In those moments, I am ENTIRELY grateful that I don’t get sick at the sight/sound/smell of vomit. It was miserable. And people around me were holding their nose saying they were about to puke. All of a sudden, I remembered the Lard Ass scene from Stand By Me and I panicked—I HAVE TO GET OFF THIS PLANE NOW!!!!! :O

Luckily, I made it out of there safe and sound, cuppy cakes in tow and ready to get some grub. And in an airport filled with tons of overpriced food, where does my heart wander but to the Pizza Hut. It really is criminal the way I love pizza.

So now I’m just chillaxin in the Denvy airport waiting for the next flight. I find myself conflicted by the attraction of the Denver airport though. I went to use the restroom and was excited to see the numerous stalls that I could choose from . . . mainly because this cuts down the odds of someone sitting in the stall next to me . . . which is a weird pet peeve—i feel like i have more “guy” habits than “girl” habits sometimes. So yeah, excited about the number of stalls, NOT excited about the fact that over half of them were either dirty or out of order, thus negating the glory of having all those stalls and also increasing the line. 😦

Then I got really excited because I found out that they have free wi-fi here! Woot! And then I realize that it automatically refreshes my web page every few minutes to show me a new ad. This part actually kind of pissed me off. I was trying to answer a trivia question on Twitter to win a free CD package of Something Corporate’s new ‘best of’ album and I didn’t win because every time I tried to @ reply, the page automatically refreshed . . . and someone else won 😦 Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting that album one way or another, but I’d like it for free if possible . . . especially because I got the answer right! I know I should be grateful that there’s even an option for free wi-fi. I just get annoyed when things are offered, but they’re janky and are seemingly not worth the hassle.

In other news, I have this habit of calling to update my parents every time I fly. I call them before I leave for my first flight, and every time I land, and every time I get ready to take off for the next one. It’s just a small request they have so that they know I’m alive and I’ve grown to enjoy it. Except today one of my parents called me and put ME on hold! (WHAT?!?) And then they called back and I said, “Hello!” and they said, “Hang on, let me call you back.” . . . right after THEY called me. Shenanigans I say. I’m blaming this one on April Fool’s.

In any event, I’m glad to be out of the puke ridden plane and on my way home to soak up the sun! It was weird packing flip flops and shorts, but I’m so stoked for some quality time at the beach!

ps: I tried to attach pics to this post, but the internet here is shoddy and after about 15 attempts to upload the photos and seeing the failed upload screen, I’m giving up 😦 I’ll post pics later. Sorry.

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Cherry Bomb

this movie is coming out this weekend and I’m still so completely unsure of whether or not I want to see it in theaters or just wait for the DVD. I’m at an impasse.

I mean, I really really want to see it. I LOVE Joan Jett and I would love to see a movie that celebrates where she came from and how iconic The Runaways were to chick rock. I love Dakota Fanning as well. She’s one of my favorite actresses, and has been ever since I AM SAM. I think she’s an amazing actress who just gets better and better with each role, so I’m really excited to watch her bring Cherie Currie to life on the big screen.

. . . but then we get to the one thing that is my big deterrent. Starts with a K, ends with a Risten Stewart. “The Stew,” as I like to call her . . . is by far one of my LEAST favorite actresses. Her entire personality off screen in interviews annoys me. I feel like every role she takes is the exact same role, just with a different name. I don’t think she’s a good actress at all. She just is not my cup of tea. I ALMOST didn’t watch New Moon because of how poorly I felt she did in Twilight. I fast forward her scenes when I watch Into The Wild. I REALLY wanted to see Adventureland, but I just can’t because even in the movie trailer she annoys me. Cake Eaters? Forget it. I won’t even look for YouTube clips.

There are just some actors and actresses I can handle and some I just can’t. She, unfortunately is one of the latter. So here I am, really really really wanting to see it, but I just don’t know if I’ll be able to enjoy it if I do. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so picky about movies, but I am. I’m probably going to regret NOT seeing it on the big screen. So I guess the next step is trying to convince myself that it’s not really The Stew playing Joan Jett. Maybe if I just pretend it’s someone more awesome . . . like Barney. 😐 Okay okay. That was harsh. I got a few days until it’s released. I got time. We’ll see how this goes.


i JUST found this and it’s entirely everything I’m talking about!

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New Fang

^ You see these guys?? ^

They live at the mall . . . in the kiosk aisle . . . and I’m deathly afraid of them! You know, they’re the kiosk workers who are like super aggressive about you trying their awesome nail buffer stuff on one hand, leaving you to walk around like a dork with one hand buffed and the other clearly not, just so you can buy their product, which you can get cheaper elsewhere—yeah, them.

Look, I get that our society is one of give and take, and I’m all about helping re-stimulate the economy, really I am. I am not however, all about being hounded to buy a Sprint phone when I already have a T—Mobile phone that I pay zilch for. I politely say no, and they’re like, “Let me show you 900 ways that our phone is better than your current one.” And then I pass the Verizon kiosk and they have 901 ways that their phone is better than mine. What they don’t seem to understand is that NO THANK YOU means “Heck no, with a cherry on top.”

The only reason I don’t like going to the mall alone is because of the kiosk vultures. They’re there, they’re aggressive, and they’re not taking NO for an answer . . . which sucks, cause it’s the only one I have for them. I don’t need Proactiv. I don’t need hair extensions. I don’t need Foakleys. I don’t need a train set. I don’t need a calendar of Robert Pattinson . . . wait. strike that. i DO need that . . . but anyway. The point still stands—they’re ruthless!

It is so bad for me. I seriously look at them, and I see them as vultures, gritting their beaks in anticipation, honing in for the kill. And I get this overwhelming urge to run through the middle aisle of the mall and hide in Abercrombie, where the strong near-nakie models will protect me with their overwhelming Abercrombie Suntan Stench. Instead, I call up friends and/or family members and talk to them while I briskly walk by, avoiding contact with the beasts of burden staring me down. I hold conversation until I’m in the clear zone, near the less intrusive kiosks . . . you know, like the Ugg Boots kiosk and the Hair Club for Men kiosk—they’re harmless.

Maybe one day I’ll overcome this fear, but in the meantime, I’ve got you on speed dial! 😉


Cry Me A River

Do you ever have those people who feel the need to continually rain on your parade? You know, the Debbie Downer type? The ones where you could be like:


and they’d be like, “Oh great. You just wait, all your relatives are gonna come asking for your money and then the government is gonna come asking for your money. And then the money is gonna ruin your life. And you’ll say you’re gonna spend it on others but really you’re just gonna end up buying 25 Big Macs a day. And then you’re just gonna hate your life and you’re gonna end up lonely and afraid and crying yourself to sleep every night. . .” woh woh woh.

It’s actually QUITE annoying. I mean, you could be on cloud nine and they’ll just drag you 6 feet under with their crappy attitudes. I mean, sure, winning the lottery comes with it’s baggage, but really people, quit raining on parades! Let people just be happy about something before coming in with your insanely moody blues. Let them figure it out on their own, or at least don’t be such a D-bag about it.

And for the record, no, i did not win the lottery. But i wish i did 😉

. . . cue the Debby Downer: “WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE CONTENT WITH WHAT YOU HAVE? IT’S SILLY TO HOPE FOR THAT. GOD DOESN’T LOVE PEOPLE WHO WIN THE LOTTERY. BESIDES, NO ONE EVER REALLY WINS WHEN IT COMES TO THE LOTTERY.” Thank you. No really. I get it. Thank you. Now go away. No, I know what you meant. And I knew what you meant the last 20 times. Thank you. Just go.

Why is it that no matter how happy people are, whether it be about a new job, a new outfit, a new relationship, a new baby, a new car, starting a charity, getting married, a new step to success, a good diagnosis, etc. SOMEONE has to be the bearer of bad news? I feel like if being a full-time bearer of bad news was a job, we wouldn’t be struggling in this economy.

For those Debbie Downers, I ain’t mad at’cha. Wait. Maybe I am. Just a little. No. A fair amount. I wish you’d grow up and quit badgering me and my friends. . . and everyone really. Take a walk outside, look at all the things and people surrounding you, and learn to be appreciative of something already.

Oh, and if you’re gonna have to bring others down with your not-so-kind words, maybe do it face to face or in an email and not on Facebook. K? 😀

> end rant <


Always Love

“Always love. Hate will get you every time.”

I think Nada Surf is onto something here. . .

too bad that’s not the case for this guy . . .

My friend Kelley posted that vid on my Facebook this morning and I was just so saddened by it. 😦

I will be honest, I grew up with a LOT of anger and hatred against others and myself in my heart. I had plenty of reasons to, which I won’t go into depth about for now. But let me tell you, if I could take back all those years of hatred against others and myself and anger and replace them with love and compassion and understanding, I would in a heartbeat.

“Always love. Hate will get you every time.”

It’s a truth that will save a lot of time, energy, relationships, and lives. Always love. It’s hard, I know it is. I get annoyed with certain personalities just as much as you do. But here’s the deal. Hatred against others solves nothing. Nothing.

I think the thing that hurt my heart the most about that teaching from Steven Anderson (I listened to the entire teaching) is that there were people in the audience “Amen”ing and cheering him on. So not only is there extreme hatred being conveyed throughout his teaching, it’s being encouraged and learned by those in attendance. He is teaching hatred.

When I was a little girl, my parents went through a separation that led to divorce. My father was completely at fault, there is no doubt about that. But I’m thankful that even at a young age, I never stopped loving my father despite his shortcomings. What followed the divorce was years of fighting past my mother’s attempts to teach us to hate our father. She would say he was the devil and that we should hate him and that we should never speak to him and so on. I never realized back then how much her thoughts and her teachings would play out in my life. I didn’t hate my dad. I’ve NEVER hated my dad. My love for my dad has always endured, and for that I’m entirely grateful. But what resulted was taking on a mindset that it was okay to hate people. That somehow, if someone wronged me, it was perfectly normal to hate them and wish that they were dead. So I did. I manipulated situations to embarrass others and to give them “what was coming to them.” As I’ve grown up and as I’ve developed in my faith, I’ve learned that it’s not okay. If I teach others that it’s okay to hate people that disagree with them/ that make big mistakes/ that say the wrong things at the wrong times/ that get on their nerves/ that look or act different than they do/ believe different things than they do . . . not ONLY am I teaching them to learn to eventually hate me, but I’m teaching them the COMPLETE opposite of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The thing I don’t understand is that when Mr. Anderson says that he prays that Obama would die and burn in hell, it COMPLETELY counteracts the verses in the Bible that says that God desires that NONE SHOULD PERSISH and that ALL WOULD COME TO THE FATHER and that GOD IS THE JUDGE, not us.

And I think what some don’t understand is that hate kills. It kills your heart, it kills your joy, it kills your life, and the hearts, joy, and lives of people in your wake. What is sad is that though I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I know others who are reading this and are thinking I’m off course with the heart of God. And they are thinking that I’m a horrible sinner because I don’t hate homosexuals, or our President, or other people who don’t necessarily share my same value system. And though that’s completely not cool, I get it. As long as there is someone else to hate, someone else to blame, someone else to find fault in, we’ll always find it/them. It’s easy. So easy in fact, that the one place WE rarely look is the one place where we can start—in the mirror, examining our own ways, our own heart and saying, “How can I change my life, my heart, my mindset to build a bridge of love, to take time out of my life to invest in another’s, to listen to SOMOENE ELSE’S story for a change, in hopes that good will come out of it?” We don’t need to develop a community, a nation, a world of hatred against others. I need to build bridges and relationships that will last. You need to build bridges and relationships that will last. We need to build bridges and relationships that will last.

Please hear me when I say that I DO NOT hate Steven Anderson. I am however highly saddened and disappointed that people are jumping on board with his teachings about praying that Obama would die and burn in hell. I don’t always agree with the President, but I respect his authority. And I DON’T want him to die and burn in hell. I dont’ think that is what is going to “save” our nation. I think that any Christian believers who prays that prayer totally negates their credibility when they get mad that people would support abortion. Wanting someone to die, whether they are a governmental figure or an unborn child, is “6 one way, half a dozen the other” and makes us no different than those that we oppose.

IF you find yourself wanting something to hate,

Hate poverty.
Hate world hunger.
Hate child abandonment.
Hate social injustice.
Hate selfishness.
Hate pride.
Hate watching the heart of humankind deteriorate.

and do something PROACTIVE and PRODUCTIVE about it.

Always Love.