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Odd Soul | Geek Girl Con 2012

Hey everyone! So I have a confession to make . . . as if it wasn’t blatantly obvious. I AM A NERD. That’s right, one giant geek girl! And as such, it’s only fitting that I would join my fellow geeky friend, Nicki, for an afternoon out at Geek Girl Con!!! Okay, so some people can go to the Baseball Hall of Fame and just ogle every last glove or broken bat. Still others will stand with their jaw dropped as they gaze upon the flying buttresses at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. I however, choose to geek out . . . over PAC-MAN!


Can you EVEN blame me?!?

[Crocheted INKY by Nerd Jerk]

So there, my secret is out! My freak flag is OFFICIALLY flying!! Wait, what’s that you say? This is not news to you? You figured as much? . . .oh. Okay then. Well since that’s all out in the open, I guess it’s time to share some pics from my fun day at the Con with Nicki!


All registered, ready to take on the Con!


The entire day was like one giant amusement park ride. I mean, I won’t DO roller coasters, but a give me a full day surrounded by people dressed up as my favorite superheroes and gaming personas and you can just go ahead and install some pearly gates in front of the main doors. The entire day was filled with interesting discussion panels:


For the record, I heart roller derby and if my life wasn’t jam-packed with a million other things right now, I’d seriously consider doing derby as a hobby in my free time!


One thing that got my mind going was during the Roller Derby panel when one of the speakers mentioned that EVEN THOUGH the Rat City Rollergirls bring in significantly more revenue than the majority of sports and events hosted at Key Arena, they are still never afforded recognition in the SPORTS section of the newspaper. Instead, you will find blurbs about them in the LIFE AND STYLE section—that’s sick and wrong, y’all! Derby is just as much of a sport as basketball is!


These are the fabulous ladies that were part of the Roller Derby / Quidditch panel


I really enjoyed everything each panelist in each session had to say throughout the day and I felt that attending these sessions opened my eyes up to see just how big the Geek Girl community is and it reinforced a sense of camaraderie for me as a Geek Girl!


An attendee asking the panel a question while dressed in dragon cosplay. NBD.


The other great panels we attended were . . .


GEEKS RAISING GEEKS | What do you do when your daughter would rather play Barbie™ than Dungeons & Dragons? At what age is Assassin’s Creed an acceptable video game? How do you deal when raising a kid who just doesn’t fit in?


ART AS BUSINESS ONLINE | Learn helpful tips on running an online art or craft business. Panelists discuss selling on popular market places like Etsy, finding your audience, using social media for promotion, connecting with your customer, & the pros/cons of creative commons. Find out the reality of protecting your designs online & some basic rules of running a small business.


GIRLS LEADING THE ROBOT UPRISING: FIRST Robotics | See robots on parade! More than 290,000 students around the world participate in a FIRST Robotics program. This isn’t your ordinary classroom work; it involves things that geeks love: LEGO, costumes, innovation, and big ideas—and, of course, robots!


PS: I TOTALLY want to get my youth group kids involved in FIRST Robotics! It’s such an incredible program!

GEEKY TECHNOLOGY IN WOMEN’S HEALTH | Medical technology is advancing rapidly with our increasing reliance on personal handheld devices. Managing your medical data is easier than ever. Technology can assist in communication with health practitioners, increasing one’s wellness, and helping with special needs throughout a woman’s life. Check out several gadgets that track information for women and learn how to use them in your daily life.


I know, I know, it seems like all we did was sit and listen to people talk all day, right?!? No worries, we made sure to squeeze in a lot of fun to offset all the information overload! We filled our day with . . .



Ohhhh glory! I AM IN HEAVEN!! ♥


Can I just have ALL the things?!?


I actually had to pull myself away before buying their entire collection of these, but rest assured, my wedding guest book WILL be one of these Scrabble books custom-designed by these guys!



I feel obligated to tell you that by nature, I am NOT a shopper. I actually dislike shopping a lot. In general it just seems like a chore—a long, boring, expensive chore. However, pour a bowl of Geek Syrup over it and I am the VISA QUEEN! Check out all this loot I got:


SO much nerdy goodness!!


But if you were to ask me which purchases were my FAVORITES, I’d have to go with these two:

That’s right, y’all! A LEGO heart ring and a MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE repurposed journal!



And as if I wasn’t in shopper’s heaven already, it just so happened that Chewbacca graced the market floor with his presence!!


Reminiscing over that epic moment when I got to hug + get a pic with Chewbacca!! ♥ ♥ ♥


We also made sure to get in some delicious noms nearby!

And I think it’s safe to say that EVOLUTION FRESH is my new FAVORITE eatery in downtown Seattle!

. . . and yes, that IS a Chewbacca cookie!! It’s a brown sugar cookie that one of the panelists, who runs Just JENN Recipes, handed out to everyone in our session. It was delicious and I can’t wait to make some of my own!


Other highlights of the day: 


Posing for pics with Bejeweled Plants and Zombies


Me Casa Es Su Casa . . . don’t mind the Zombies 😉


Ogling Board Game Central!!! Is that TICKET TO RIDE I spy????♥


Sneaking in some gaming time


And we finished off the day watching THE MOST HILARIOUS Improv group I’ve ever witnessed before:


LOTR skit for the win!


Not only were we treated to an excellent improv show, but a woman even proposed to her boyfriend and he said YES!!!


Ahhhh young geeky love! She proposed with a customized MTG Card!


Zombies -vs- Unicorns debate time!


And if you don’t believe me that this troupe was just perfectly hilarious, I will leave you with this clip of the group doing a sketch where they perform the same scene to different styles shouted out by the audience. They do the following scene à la Stanley Kubrick, Gilbert & Sullivan, Quentin Tarantino, and Michael Bay. ENJOY and may the SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU!





When You Look Me In The Eyes

This past Saturday, I got to join in a REALLY fun event! I joined up with people from Seattle’s EMERALD CITY IMPROV to participate in a fake Jonas Brother sighting that we staged at Northgate Mall near my house!

As a subscriber to ECI’s Facebook page, I got this message:

Announcing Emerald City Improv’s next event!

On May 22nd, we’re going to be staging a fake sighting of Nick Jonas, the infamous idol of preteen girls. Jonas, sighted while shopping, will quickly be surrounded by camera wielding paparazzi and adoring fans, before he is escorted to his black SUV by his security guards. If we’re lucky, he might pause to sign a few autographs. And if we’re very lucky, everyone in the immediate vicinity is going to be totally convinced they’re in the presence of a real live Jonas Brother. They’ll never know that this Jonas Brother is really our very own lookalike. Whatever happens, like always, it’s sure to be a lot of fun! See you there!

It was soooo fun making people actually believe one of the Jonas Brothers was there! Out of the crowd of teens (and yes even excited moms) surrounding the fake celeb, I only came across one naysayer. Her response:

That’s not a Jonas. That’s some random white guy. Psh.

And then she walked away disappointed. But it was still so fun to watch the girls go crazy about getting pics and autographs from the “Extra Bonus Jonas.”

We even got some buzz about it in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer!

Here are my pics and a video from the event:

Our fake JoBro and his fierce bodyguard

Gaining some followers

Pappa . . . Pappa . . . Papparazzi

The getaway . . .

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Don’t You (Forget About Me)

I’m back in blogtopia folks!!

This past week has been pretty “go—go—go” and I’m finally at a point where I can really unwind. 🙂 I was able to meet our press deadlines for our two latest journals, which is a pretty big deal for me because I seriously had about 3 days to make one of them press-ready and it was kind of hectic. But I love to test my limits and push myself, and now I feel pretty accomplished. Tomorrow should prove to be a slower day, though, and that’s also a really good thing! 🙂

In an attempt to unwind from today’s adrenaline rush, I’ve been watching funny videos on YouTube 😀 I think I hit the jackpot when I found a collection of AMC commercials advertising Forrest Gump, in which they created movie trailers for it in different genres. They are still making me laugh!

In other news, I’m going to be home in one week! I still have so much to do. I told a friend of mine that I was already shopping for gifts to take home to my family and she thought it was silly that I would start planning for my trip 2 weeks out. But here’s the thing, I’m a procrastinator when it comes to that sort of stuff. Seriously. Like, I generally don’t even pack ’til the night before and even then, I’m really slow about it and I get distracted. So, come 1:30 a.m. the day OF my red-eye flight, I’d normally be saying to myself,

“Crap! I forgot to get that _______ for _________! Great.
Now they’ll be the only one I didn’t get a gift for. How awkward.”

Trust me, it happens more often than you think. So I like to plan things out so that I don’t leave anyone out. That’s like, the worst feeling in the world to me.

Tomorrow I get off of work early and I’m going to get the rest of my family gifts, that way they’re all in my room, ready to be packed! Next week will be another busy week, since I only have 3 days to get things ready for a big mail-out after I get back from my trip. Plus, I have a lot of stuff going on in the evenings as well.

PS: I can’t wait to go to the beach!!!!!!!!! 😀

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Something Like That

Yup, pretty much ;p


Other Facebook shenanigans currently making my day:

(I didn’t make this, but man oh man, it’s hilarious!)


Almost Paradise

Yesterday Kayliegh and I went to Islander Middle School on Mercer Island to see the junior high kids their do a musical production of FOOTLOOSE. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, except that I was counting on the “angry dance” to be in there—you know, the dance that Kevin Bacon does in the barn. Anyway, they didn’t do it, which was kind of sad. Another thing that caught me off guard was that instead of saying the ever classic “JUMP BACK!” that Kevin Bacon says in the movie, the kid playing Ren McCormack would say, “GET OUTTA HERE!” Kinda wished he’d said “jump back” instead, but oh well, whaddayado? My favorite was the kid that played Willard. He was hilarious and he played the piano in one of the songs and did a great job. I felt like his performance alone was worthy of the ten bones i paid to see the show. Although, by the end I was wishing I’d dropped a 20 spot in an effort to help them raise money to improve the terrible PA system they had the music blasting through. There were also some “guest celebrities” there . . . okay so maybe it was just middle schoolers that had uncanny resemblances to other grown up actors. 😉 I swear one of the girls looked like Nasim Pedrad from SNL. A mini-me version of Kay Panabaker was also there, along with a mini-me version of Michelle Trachtenburg. 😉 It was awesome! All the students did a great job!

Naturally I’m a sucker for musicals, and since Footloose is one of my favorite movies, I had a really fun time watching the middle schoolers sing and dance and re-enact their version of Footloose. It reminded me of the times I got to spend doing plays and musicals as a kid. It was also really sweet to watch them honor their teachers and the crew that helped out with the production.

Anyway, here are 2 pictures and some videos from the evening:

Opening number: Footloose

Earlier I updated my status saying

The J.High show of Footloose DIDN’T include the ‘angry dance’ 😦 So I’m going to blast the song while I cook & do my own in the kitchen

And a lot of people requested that I record it and put it on YouTube. I didn’t record me doing it when I was cooking, but I DID have one of my housemates record me dancing to it around the house. I had her do it around the house because it would have just been boring confined to the kitchen alone, and because we had to do some strategic filming, since some personal information is on our house whiteboard hanging in the kitchen. So I apologize ahead of time if you feel cheated. I hope it makes you laugh anyway:

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Funny Face

So I finally got a chance to watch this previous week’s episode of Saturday Night Live on Hulu. I gotta admit, I’ve never really seen Zach Galifianakis in a movie before . . . unless you count the trailer for The Hangover. I’m pretty sure I need to see The Hangover, STAT though. Zach Galifianakis was hilarious!

Here is his opening monologue was PERFECT! His stage presence, charisma, and short joke jabs are totally my style.

Sometimes I think about how great it would be to be a stand-up comedian. But then you have to know that what is funny to a small handful of people, may not necessarily be hilarious to a large audience that will keep you employed. So I tend to stick to small scale comedy. You know, the kind where you tell a joke and your friends give you the pity laugh accompanied by the slight eye roll that says, “Oh no. Here she goes again.” ;p

I love making others laugh, but I KNOW that I was not made for stand-up comedy. I just wasn’t. I was totally made for small group comedy . . . you know, like 4 or 5 people.

1 to give the courtesy laugh

1 to give the “that was really funny but i don’t know why” laugh

1 to laugh at someone else’s laugh, thus making it seem they’re originally laughing at you

1 to laugh at something they were thinking instead of listening to your bomb of a joke

and 1 to genuinely laugh. Just because they like to laugh.

yep, that’s my kinda crowd 😉 jk. I really do think I have some good jokes—not ALL, mind you, but a good handful.

But SNL has some of my favorite comedians: Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler (used to be on the show), Fred Armisen, Will Forte, Seth Meyers, and Jason Sudeikis. They just crack me up!

So to show you the humor i love, here is Zach’s opening monologue:

and as a Bonus Plus, here is one of my favorite series of sketches. ANY TIME, and I do mean ANY TIME I watch Fred Armisen portray Patterson, i crack up laughing. And I’m known on occasion to respond to random questions with, “New Jersey!!” (no really, just ask Kelley)

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Just Like Me

So I followed the lead of my tumblr friend Eric and went to to “check up on myself.” Spokeo is a people search engine. In his post, he noted all the inaccuracies. I decided to screencap my info for laughs as well . . . let’s just say I wouldn’t use Spokeo for any definitive research. 😉

(click picture below for larger image)

Things to note:

  • First of all I must point out that they don’t even have me listed as living in Seattle. They still have me listed as living at GT in Austin. I checked for my name in Seattle first, and then tried Austin cause there was nothing there. I’ve lived here for 2 years. Sooo funny!
  • I know the slogan for the site is “Not your grandma’s phonebook” but they may want to reconsider that. I’m pretty sure my grandma knows I don’t live in Austin. Also, she knows what I look like. Slogan fail. 😉
  • Spokeo says I have children. not true. hahahaha!
  • It says there were 1+ people in that household. Considering I stayed in dorms on campus, I think it’s safe to say there was DEFINITELY more than 1 person living there! hahaha!
  • None of those pictures are pictures of me 😀
  • If i was in the movie THE NET this is what you would find after researching my name.