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Believe In What You Want

There is something so refreshing and empowering about putting your God-given talents and passions to good use. Even more exhilarating is the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom that takes you from simply being interested in a hobby to honing a craft. As a creative, limits are a distant concept. Cady Heron portrayed it best when she said, “The limit does not exist.“* We see something and analyze it, tear it apart, re-imagine it, and add our own flair. We don’t always have all the answers, but we’re not afraid to do whatever it takes to search for them. It’s not unusual to find us in a coffee shop or library studying typography and design strategy while our friends are hitting the bars or checking out the local sports scene. We’ll get there and join in the fun, but first—we must nurture our craft. It is essentially “our baby.” Nothing excites me quite like the news that others in my circle of friends are interested in pursuing the creative arts. So when I was informed that one of my youth group students was doing just that, in a big way, I couldn’t help but hop aboard Cloud 9!




A— is one of the students I get the opportunity to hang out with on Sunday mornings at Westside. She is incredibly sweet, gentle, and imaginative. Her passion for animation and other creative arts shines through every drawing she shows me. I have no doubt that she’ll grow to revolutionize the industry with her talent, focus, and passion to give life to the images in her mind. While many students will be heading off to Soccer, Bible, or Cheerleading Camp this year, A— wants to attend the 2-week Web Design Camp at DigiPen University, where she’ll spend quality time in classes that will teach her basics of web design, encompassing a broad range of other creative arts. Her goal is to utilize creative arts in her future career and DigiPen will be able to efficiently equip her with the knowledge, hands-on-training, and creative community she’ll need to get a head start on that. However, much like anything worth pursuing, it comes with a hefty price tag. The cost of attending DigiPen is far more than what a typical sports or church camp would cost. Her desire to attend has no limits either, so she has taken it upon herself to use her talents for a fundraiser that will help offset the cost. She’s calling it CARDS 4 CAMP.


All cards come with a similar-colored handmade construction paper envelope . . . but you can also get a one-of-a-kind handmade envelope to go with your the one-of-a-kind card! These cards are made from fancier papers and upcycled materials such as old art projects, calendars, and homework! It gives a touch of whimsy appropriate for a Mother's Day card!

All cards come with a similar-colored handmade construction paper envelope . . . but you can also get a one-of-a-kind handmade envelope to go with your the one-of-a-kind card! These cards are made from fancier papers and upcycled materials such as old art projects, calendars, and homework! It gives a touch of whimsy appropriate for a Mother’s Day card!


She has created four original designs of cards that can be used for this upcoming Mother’s Day, as well as other celebrations. If you’re scrambling around for that last-minute card or would like to buy extras to stock up on, while supporting a worthy cause, here’s what you need to know:

For the price of a Hallmark card (or less), you can own or gift an
original work of art by an up-and-coming young artist AND help send her
to web design camp at DigiPen University!

Prices are as follows:

$4 Card and Matching Plain Envelope
$2 Fancy Envelope
$5 Card plus Fancy Envelope (You save $1!!)

Cards can be purchased directly from us or by emailing us at
(Note, cardstock colors and card design will vary. Each card is signed by the artist!)

Here’s a closer look at her beautiful fine art:


Most importantly, she enjoyed using her talents to create these cards. Art is very important to her, and she enjoys expressing herself that way! Although there are four designs that grace the cards, the inside is blank, and each card is a little bit different. Colors and card design will vary, making each card unique. You’ll have your own special work of art!



This card was designed in a graphics program by A—. The photo is courtesy of her little sister. A small ‘royalty’ of sales for this card will be given to her accordingly.


This design is typical of her drawing style. She enjoys drawing manga and comics. This card is great for Mother’s Day, but could be used in another way, such as a mother’s birthday.


This was her first design. | I think it’s easy to see why this one’s my fave 😉 Coffee, anyone?!?

These photos depicting the four seasons were used by permission, but also altered sufficiently as to not plagiarize. The sentiment “Thank you for being there through every season of my life” is perfect for Mother’s Day, yet could be used for other special people in your life on other occasions. A “just-because” card for a best friend, a thank-you card for a memory, or your great-grandparents anniversary.


Whether you are a fellow creative or not, I hope that you are able to see what a great endeavor this is, especially for a young person growing up in a society that teaches apathy and satisfaction with achieving the bare minimum. She is making some wonderful choices for her future and I hope that you’ll consider joining her in the journey!


* Oh you *KNOW* it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t find some way to work in a Mean Girls quote. 😉

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In Smithereens, The Search For Affinity

Amanda here, reporting live from the Apple Store in University Village (U Village) . . .


woo hoo! I’m soooo stoked! A more efficient operating system for my beloved beauty of a laptop? Don’t mind if I do! 😀 I’ve heard mixed reviews about it today so after I do all the install stuff, I’ll let ya know how it all goes.


So many things to report as of late.

1. I bought a plaid shirt!

I know what you’re thinking, “don’t they wear plaid in Texas?” Yes. yes they do. They also wear huge belt buckles, but that doesn’t appeal to me either. And most of the time when they’re wearing plaid, it’s tucked into jeans so as not to defer the attention away from said belt buckle. It’s so different wearing plaid up here in Seattle. There’s such a hip vibe from the various stylings of the plaid top combo here. I’ve been wanting one for a while, and now i have one! And I REALLY like it! I’ve been on a yellow shirt kick as of late, so it’s grand 😀

2. Reading Rainbow is no more. 😦

And my world slowly crumbles, as I can no longer roll over in my bed on Saturday mornings, turn on the TV and hope to stumble across a new episode that encourages me to


My voracious appetite for reading can be traced back to many episodes of Reading Rainbow. I can still hear the voice of the man narrating KNOTS ON A COUNTING ROPE. Alas, I shall simply have to make up for it by buying more books. . . so maybe it’s not such a terrible thing after all.

Though I must add, having been a ‘teacher’ in various capacities and reading over essays with ATROCIOUS grammar and spelling, it does sadden me that an already crumbling education system doesn’t have the outsourcing that is Reading Rainbow. Heck, I know some 25 year olds who could benefit from a few hours with Lavar Burton.

3. Snow Leopard is mine!

That’s right, it’s mine!! And I can’t wait to install it! My Friday evening will consist of cleaning up (thanks to Don for sharing THIS article) and revamping my laptop and installing SNOW LEOPARD! I love my Mac! And I love all that my Mac can do! And if my Mac was a guy, I’d marry him! Alas, I shall simply have to hunt down a suitor who is as madly in love with Macs as I am. . .

4. My niece started Pre-K!

my ‘babycakes’ is growin’ up *sigh*

For a while her parents weren’t sure if they were going to “bother” with enrolling her in school and OH HAPPY DAY—they DID!! I cannot tell you how much I value education. Even if it is at a ghetto school in the projects. . . we’ll work to get her to a better school soon! But for Pre-K, I’m pretty alright with it. 😀

5. TV Premieres are just around the corner!!

Which ones have made my “TV Show Schedule?”
These ones:


Burning Down The House

Things are really heating up here in Seattle!

This morning I turned on the TV to watch the news (a rare occasion indeed) and the forecaster guy (i’m pretty sure that’s the technical term for his position) was all sorts of excited and was like:

“And today, we may actually break a record! If we top out at 101 degrees, then we will beat the record of 100 degrees in Seattle from 1981!”

And never have I wished so much that i could reach my arm through the tv screen and smack that guy in the face. Seriously? That record breaking 101 is no bigee for this Texas girl, EXCEPT for the fact that, living in Seattle, most places here don’t have Central Air, including my house. So my room is a sauna. I actually have to get a cold compress on my head before I go to bed to help me sleep. My little tower fan is working as hard as it can, but this heat is ridiculous. I so wasn’t prepared for this. Oh well. At least my boss got me a box fan for my office today, so the shades are drawn, I got the big box fan running and two little mini-me fans. It’s so nice to not be drenched in sweat. 😀

In other news, I’m pretty bummed that Rachelle Lefevre is going to be replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for Eclipse. 😦 Eclipse is my FAVORITE one in the Twilight Saga, and I was really looking forward to seeing Victoria’s character step up her game into uber-fierceness. BDH just seems too sweet and innocent for the role. Especially after seeing her in Lady in the Water and The Village and in the Spidey movie. I know she’s probably gonna get a lot of backlash from other Twilight fans, and to a certain extent, I feel sorry for her. But let’s get real. Rachelle Lafevre is a fiercely bad mamma jamma and she really brings it to the character. I hope BDH can bring it as well.


After work, I’m walking all 4 blocks to get to Easy Street Records to go see them and I’m so excited! They have an amazing sound and those guys are so funny! If you haven’t checked out their website yet, you should. JUST CLICK HERE. I also get to go to their concert tomorrow night at The Crocodile and I can’t wait! 😀

Well my lappy toppy is in the shop. And it was funny, because Evan, the Genius Bar guy who helped me out was like, “Why did that other Mac Genius ask you to reschedule? That makes no sense. He should have just taken it in then and there.” We were laughing so much at so many things, and we got to talk about macs and the upcoming stuff in September (which is when my apple care expires) and it made me smile.

I also got to have dinner with Cindy Jones, who is just such an amazing woman! She seriously refreshes me so much! I love being in her company. AND she made these pita pizza things that I’ve gotta get the recipe for! They were delish!

Okay well I will update again tomorrow and share some photos and such with you all! Peace!

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So, I took my laptop to the Genius Bar, in hopes that they would be like, “Oh yeah. Well let’s get this fixed.” Instead, my computer played the perfect angel part and they couldn’t reproduce the constant error message that has been popping up for the past week. And by constant I mean every 3 minutes, and once it pops up, I can’t do anything else until I CLICK okay. 😦

So I made the appointment, went to the Genius Bar and since I didn’t have my iPod Shuffle dock with me, he was like, “Well it might be the dock. So reschedule an appointment for the Genius Bar and bring the dock back.” So now I get the *privilege* of picking another evening time slot where I can take the 1 hour bus trip out to University Village, go to the Genius Bar, and spend another 40 minutes on the bus ride home. And I even spent the night before backing up all my data on my external hard drive!

I think what made me the most upset was that this message has been popping up so much and like, at random times, so it’s highly unpredictable, but still a pretty big presence on my screen. . . and the minute I take it in to the “doctor,” it’s fine. Just peachy.

It’s like this:

Exhibit A> my computer in my home environment:

and Exhibit B> my computer when I take it to the Genius Bar to get fixed:

unbelievable. Thanks, lappy toppy. You made me look dumb. 😦

i seriously walked away feeling like this guy:

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Because your music education is all I care about.

. . . well that and a lot of other things.

Here’s the music video release for the song SWIM by Jack’s Mannequin.
My art didn’t make it into the video, but the video is still AMAZING! So creativo!

Jack’s Mannequin “Swim”,t=1,mt=video

In other news, my laptop is sick and I’m taking it in to the Genius Bar to get looked at tonight, so I may not be as frequent with the blog updates if they take her away to get operated on. 😦

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Let It Be

Okay so I work on a computer all day long, and honestly, sometimes when I’ve got the system doing like a million things (million meaning 5) like… saving an InDesign document while transferring photos onto the server, while opening a word document, while scanning artwork, while deleting an article off the computer… I seriously half expect the computer to have a pop up alert that says:

Listen lady, I can only do so much at one time…KNOCK IT OFF!

Seriously. Sometimes I sit there, just waiting for it to pop up as the spinny rainbow of death spins madly on. I wouldn’t blame it if my work computer just grew arms and hands and decided to give me the finger. seriously. I overwork it. 😦

Patience is a virtue. But I haven’t completely adopted it yet. 😦

And when i’m on my lunch break, checking emails and facebook and twitter and such, I keep refreshing things cause I don’t want to miss anything… and I picture again, a little pop up alert saying:

No one’s updating, okay. Get over it.

Do you ever have moments like that? I mean, I know if you don’t have a Mac, it’ll be a slightly lamer version (because I wholeheartedly believe that Dell/Vaios/and the like are less superior) of the alert. Like a box will pop up and say:

Look, I’m a lame computer. I quit.

Just sayin’ . . .


PS: Today is the LAST day to vote for my new haircut! I’ve already scheduled an appointment at the hairdresser’s next Wednesday, so make sure you get your vote in! The poll ends tonight! So far haircut #4 is in the lead. (and yes mom, I already counted your vote for me to just get a trim…but #4 is still winning.)

So, go HERE and vote there———->

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My Life Would Suck Without You

(new T-shirt worn by Apple Store Genius Bar workers)

I just got back from University Village and dropped off my baby… my sweet, sweet, beautiful baby… you know, I really SHOULD think of a name for my laptop. eh. nah. Nothing I name it would do it justice. It is a mighty mighty machine and it has captivated my heart. So help me, if something goes wrong while she’s under the knife, I don’t know how I will live.

She makes me smile.
She makes my heart jump for joy.
She makes me feel deep love.
She brightens my day.
She brings me delight.
She is a Mac. She is a machine. She is amazing.

Yes. I know. I DID just write a short ode to my laptop. I’ve got it bad. I think Gavin DeGraw was thinking of my laptop when he wrote “I’m in love with a girl…” 😉

Welp, she’s in good hands now. I will sit waiting patiently by the phone, for Justin, the guy from the Genius Bar to call me and tell me that she’s all better and can now burn CDs and DVDs once again. I mean, I already owe Justin a great big hug for fixing my laptop so she closes now. If I was that type of person to just do that sort of thing, I might jump into Justin’s arms and kiss him uncontrollably for bringing my laptop back to life. But I’m not. So I won’t. But it would be funny. He’d probably call security.

I wouldn’t blame him.

Until my baby comes back to me… I will resort to less personal computers. *sigh*