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Wholehearted Mess




I can’t believe 2013 has come and gone!

That up there was my first post of 2013 and here we are at my first post of 2014!


As you know, each year I choose a new word to (in a sense), define my year. It’s not the penultimate goal, but rather a guiding star through the mountains, trails, and valleys of the year. Last year, my word was RENEWAL. In true form, it was indeed a year of RENEWAL. I established new relationships that helped me heal, I scaled back on certain things in life, while taking on others I deemed more important. I messed up and made mistakes, then learned to get back up on my two feet with the help of friends and family. I ended the year with a more positive and hopeful outlook. I gained confidence and walked in blind faith through the seasons.

In conversation with a close friend about how my word for the year always proves to be fruitful, my friend suggested that I make my word for this year ENGAGED. So that, you know, I’d end up engaged to a guy. 😉 Yea though that was a tempting thought, I decided to forgo that word and instead choose one that didn’t just focus on being romantically fulfilled, but rather wholly fulfilled. That’s why the word for this year is WHOLEHEARTED.




Inspired greatly by the 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living from Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly, I wanted this year to be focused on taking those pieces of life that had been renewed and begin to interlock the whole puzzle and see what kind of masterpiece God is shaping this beautiful mess into. I want those life lessons and memories to flourish this year in an all-encompassing way. Whether or not this year brings a romantic relationship my way or not, I’ll be okay because my heart will be whole in other ways. No matter what I face, I want to walk away from this year knowing that I put my entire heart, mind, and effort into all of the things that God wants me to pursue. Here’s the approach I hope to take this year:




My hope is to focus on the following during their respective months throughout the year (administrative attack, ahoy!):

January:  Take Inventory of Where You’ve Been And How That Will Propel You To Where You Want To Go.
February: Cultivate Authenticity
March: Cultivate Self-Compassion
April: Cultivating a Resilient Spirit
May: Cultivating Gratitude and Joy
June: Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith
July: Cultivating Creativity
August: Cultivating Play & Rest
September: Cultivating Calm & Stillness
October: Cultivating Meaningful Work
November: Cultivating Laugher, Song, and Dance
December: Celebrating The Journey

Each month my goals and prayers will be focused on that month’s respective theme. Now, I’m fairly sure that if I do this the “right way,” none of this will matter and I’ll get thrown off-track/schedule and hit some road blocks along the way. However, that’s what makes this journey SO brutiful! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to embark on this epic journey through 2014!




Now off I go to celebrate Day 1 of 2014 with a piping hot bowl of black-eyed-peas and greens!!

. . . Once a Southern girl, always a Southern girl, eh? 😉


Author: Amanda Martinez

I am a mexican chick, born in Germany, raised in Austin, TX, lived in Seattle, WA, and now back home in Texas! I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a graphic designer, a youth pastor, a comedienne, a songwriter, a screenwriter, and a lover of music, art, people, and the world around me! Join me on the journey as I share with you my thoughts, dreams, passions, and experiences!

2 thoughts on “Wholehearted Mess

  1. You continue to be an inspiration to me! So glad to have been a part of your life and to have been part of question #2:)

    • Alisa, you are SUCH a blessing! Your friendship and support through the years has helped me thrive through some of the craziest circumstances. I’m glad you were part of question #2 as well 😉 Those were good times . . . we’ll have to create more of those together!

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