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I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving Lunch with the housemates!


*Ahem* Pardon the dust, but I’m back in action for a very special Thanksgiving Day post! Yea though there are still a couple more days of November left, I did want to catch up on my much neglected Thankful Posts! When you think about it, it’s fitting that I’m posting this plethora of thanks on Thanksgiving. So, without, further adieu, I present to you my #ThankfulPosts 12 – 21!

Thankful Post #12

I am thankful for my siblings. I have one brother, one sister, 2 step-brothers, and 3 step-sisters. Each of them are a part of my life in very unique ways. They remind me of the value of family. They extend grace and love to me. They put up with my quirkiness. They give me courtesy laughs when I bomb on my jokes. They share treasured moments with me and  allow me to be part of their kids’ lives. I would not be me without them. 🙂


Thankful Post #13

I am thankful for FACE-OFF . . . the TV Show, not the movie. 😉 There are only 2 shows I really have (make) time for each week. The first is FACE OFF, the second is The Biggest Loser. Don’t get me wrong, I still love The Biggest Loser but for some reason, I don’t look forward to it as much as I do FACE OFF. I feel that while BL inspires the athlete in me, FACE OFF inspires the creative in me. I love that it’s not a petty competition based on popularity, but rather on craft and creativity.


Thankful Post #14

I am thankful for modern medicine. This season brought bronchitis and pneumonia my way and sadly, has taken a hefty toll on me. Thankfully my doctor and modern medicine have been working hard to get me back on the road to health and wholeness!


Thankful Post #15

I am thankful for Master’s Commission of Austin! I got to be part of the MCAustin program for 2 years before joining on Support Staff and eventually joining the Staff. It provided me with an up-close (both ugly and pretty sides) look at ministry and has enabled me to build some of my strongest and most treasured friendships. It allotted me a space to think, dream, inspire, and partner with others to bring hope and healing to so many people. I’m grateful that God placed me in the program when He did and that the Holy Spirit led me to stay put in Austin when the leadership shifted. I now have 2 MC families that shape who I am and am able to lean on for prayer, advice, and shared adventures!


Thankful Post #16

I am thankful for music! Music has always played a major part in my life and through the years, I’ve been able to express myself more fully through it. From Colorguard to Songwriting Class to learning how to play the bass & guitar, I feel that I’ve been armed and trained in using this exquisite weaponry of freedom through music. I am thankful for every music artist—from Buddy Holly to Joan Jett to Jack’s Mannequin—for keeping me going through the years and finding the words that speak to me on many levels in life. I am also forever thankful for the Psalms of David that have been a rock and shield in every season of life!


Thankful Post #17

I am thankful for the ability to work 2 jobs! Each job is unique and carries its own demands, but they also each keep me focused and fed through experiences I’d never imagined I would have before I moved to Seattle. Both jobs allow me to express myself in word and deed, as I try my best to shine the lights of hope, freedom, and full life into all those lives that cross paths with mine.

Thankful Post #18

I am thankful for FRO-YO!! Seriously, is there any treat more exquisite??? . . . okay, okay, you’re right . . . pumpkin pie DOES top that list, but hey, this is all about that creamy goodness that I get to mix and add yummo toppings to every so often. Dear Menchies—thank you for Waffle Bowl Wednesday! Dear Yeti Yogurt—thank you for always having the BEST No-Sugar-Added flavors!!!! Dear Front Porch in RR,TX— thank you for giving me a great option to have when I go home for visits!! So, uh, anyone wanna make a Fro-Yo run with me??? 😉


Thankful Post #19

I am thankful for the ability to live in Seattle! I’ve always been really vain about living in the actual city and having SEATTLE in my address line. There were definitely shaky times when I wasn’t sure if I’d have to move back home or not, but every day I’m here is another day in Wonderland, where I’m able to live out a huge dream of mine! 😀 I LOVE the people, the artistic contributions all around the city, the different personalities in each neighborhood, and the cultural shift that I’m slowly learning to adapt to while not fully abandoning my Southern personality/culture.


Thankful Post #20

I am thankful for the wives of the pastors at my church! They are each incredible women of God who give and give and give and then give some more! They are incredible wives, moms, and mentors. I only hope that God would allow me to become even half as awesome as they are as I grow in ministry. They breathe life into me as they believe in and support me as I live out one of my biggest dreams of ministry to young people. They are witty, clever, and creative—ready to serve in the trenches on a regular basis. They bring a great balance to each of our pastors and give me hopes of maintaining a strong marriage in ministry!


Thankful Post #21

I am thankful for all of my blog readers! You are the reason I do this. You are a large part of the reason that I feel that my memories matter. Thank YOU for taking time out to read through my words and give them life. Thank YOU for leaving comments, sending texts, e-mailing me your thoughts, and all the wonderful support I get from those readers that I see in-person from time to time. You could be doing a million other things (like watching Pride & Prejudice or City Slickers—both of which are more than worthy of quality time, amirite??) and yet you choose to take time out to read the words I type out to describe my thoughts, emotions, and cultural observations. YOU ARE TOO KIND and I’m forever grateful for you! ♥ 😀  And as a token of gratitude, here’s Adam Levine holding a puppy:

You’re welcome 😉


Truly, the amount of things to be thankful for cannot be summed up into one day, so I’m grateful for these fun #ThankfulPost things that go around online for the month of November. I know they can easily be seen as petty or “token” or pointless, but reflecting on these things has really helped me maintain a positive mental attitude and take note of all the little things that mean so much.




Seattle's beauty shines through this chilly Thanksgiving Day!

Seattle’s beauty shines through this chilly Thanksgiving Day!

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I dunno about you, but I’m feelin’ 32!


Coming off of a week of recovery from a double-whammy featuring bronchitis and pneumonia, I was entirely grateful to be feeling at least 95% on my Birthday! I’m still fighting off the remainder of the infections, and when I do, it’s gonna be a true Fro-Yo Tastic celebration (can’t have dairy or chocolate until I get better)! Thankfully, my wonderful friends helped me ease into a fun Pre-Party celebration and made sure that I also had an incredibly fun special day! On Saturday, my best friend Heather took me to breakfast at GLO’s in Cap Hill and then we got to explore the area, try some delicious Kuma Coffee at BLACK COFFEE CO-OP, and hit up the Value Village for a fun schemy surprise that will come out of hiding at the Westside Women’s Christmas Brunch! Hehehehehehe!! 😉



The morning of my Birthday came early and fast . . . as most Sundays do! I got a call from my folks and I even got to talk to Vanessa!! It was a Happy Birthday morning indeed! I was greeted by my early arriving teen volunteers who brought me gifts and cards—starting the morning off feeling loved is NEVER a bad idea. Then, as I was working the Check-In desk with the 1st service crew, parents and kids alike showered me with sweet Birthday wishes, presents, cards, and best of all . . . HUGS!!!! Our incredible Pastor’s wife also arranged for all the kids to have Birthday hats and blowers handed out to them. Her sweet kiddos also greeted me with hugs and a massive collection of balloons! She also bought Krispy Kreme donuts for the kids to enjoy as a special celebratory treat that morning. They all sang me Happy Birthday and presented me with a HUGE special gift [Gift cards to OLD NAVY and HOGWARTS!!!!]* that all the parents contributed towards, before we all sang our Praise & Worship songs. It was a gigantic celebration and my heart was completely filled with joy and appreciation!


After service, I took one of my youth girls out for our pre-scheduled lunch and chat time date. I almost wore the balloons (that were now belted around my jeans) and the mohawk wig (for Crazy Hair Sunday in Kid’s Church) out to lunch, but they wouldn’t fit in the car we rode down to lunch in. However, the glasses stayed and even garnered me a sweet Birthday treat (Pumpkin Scone) from GREAT HARVEST! Holy Yum! We then headed back to the church to set up the decorations for youth group that night and spent some extra time just talking about life and some struggles she’d been facing. Feeling useful on your Birthday is also a really great thing! Shortly before dinner time, a few of the youth students showed up early, so we had dinner all together. I made them Little Smokies in Stubb’s BBQ sauce—a true Texas (and Birthday) treat!


Then we had youth service and I got even more gifts and cards from my wonderful teens! Everyone helped with clean-up and I got a ride home from our Associate Pastor, so I got to enjoy more of the evening and spend less of it on the bus.  I got to spend the rest of my evening in my pajamas, eating popcorn and fresh pineapple chunks, all the while reading over each of the sweet cards that was given to me that day and opening all the sweet gifts from friends!!
I am truly one BLESSED Amo!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for making my special day rock SO much!!! Your In-Person/FB/Texted/E-mailed Birthday wishes, messages, DMs, Tweets, gifts, and cards have filled my tanks beyond overflowing!!! It was an honor to celebrate all day w/ my Westside fam.

And last night, the Birthday fun continued as my best friend Maggie treated me to a delicious home-cooked dinner and a movie (GRAVITY 3D, which I have been wanting to see SOOOOOO bad)!! It was pretty good, though I admit, I would have appreciated a little more closure. As the credits were rolling, I was hoping for a “bonus scene” or something to let us know what the “next step” was. Alas, no bonus scene. Only questions and assumptions were our parting gifts. Still, it was a great flick and I’m glad we got to watch it together!

For now the work-week carries on until Sunday night when I get to fly out to Baltimore to spend a week celebrating life with my bestest ever friend on the whole planet—Sarah!! We already talked about our plans for the week and I’m so stoked for our adventures!  To everyone that made my Birthday special—THANK YOU FOREVER AND A DAY!!!
You keep my heart, mind, and life FULL!

(One of our Westside Kids workers helps a kiddo sing me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)

* My nickname for THE JEWEL BOX CAFE, which is my favorite Seattle coffee shop!