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Starting Over | Fit Life Friday

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I spy with my little eye . . . a jumping box!!! (O_o)

I spy with my little eye . . . a jumping box!!! (O_o)


It seems that I’ve been in “RESET” mode lately. I’ve been getting back in the swing of things, becoming more set into a new routine, and understanding myself and others in a lot of new ways. One of the things I’m celebrating this week is the way my mind has sort of reset itself in my approach to fitness. A lot of the things I used to regret doing, I no longer have to force or talk myself into doing now. I enjoy increasing my weight in BodyPump and choosing to add new moves to my circuits that I normally would steer clear of. I think that on the other end of this medical fiasco and recovery is that my level of fear in a lot of situations, including exercising, has dwindled. Do you remember when I was afraid of Box Jumps? Like . . . deathly “I’m going to bawl like a baby out of humiliation combined with seriously injury cause I’m pretty sure I’m gonna die” afraid? Well, I WAS. It was bad. I remember shutting down in the middle of a training session with Josh because the guy doing box jumps next to me was going to town on the tall box like King Kong and I was too afraid to lift my feet off the ground. I was afraid I’d fail. I was afraid that I would land wrong and break my leg. I was afraid that the box would tip over under the momentum I used to jump on it. You can imagine how weird it felt when I walked into the gym, and had willingly written box jumps into my circuit. Even weirder is that I kept it in for each workout this past week. I’m happy to report that in keeping it in the circuit and meeting it with success, this past week I have done a grand total of 216 BOX JUMPS! BAM! Oh it feels so good! I am going to give the box jumps a break this week, and switch up the workout, but next week, I’m going to try a slightly taller box!


Look, it may just be the small box, but for crying out loud, I DID IT!!!

Look, it may just be the small box, but for crying out loud, I jumped on it with confidence!!! 😀


Another piece of my life that has been reset is my living community. Two of my best friends have moved out to West Seattle and I have a new round of housemates livin’ it up Roosevelt style! Jess and Sera were a couple of my favorite housemates and had been with me in the Roosevelt for a long stretch of time, so we really got to know each other well. They cared for me after I was released for at-home recovery and encouraged me along the healing road. It’s nice to not have empty rooms at the house, but I DO miss them SOOOO much!


What a bittersweet day that was :'(

What a bittersweet day that was 😥


Thankfully, I was able to pay them an evening visit this past Wednesday! I headed straight over after work and they had dinner ready to be served once I got in. They made some delicious seasoned chicken with steamed broccoli. We got a chance to chat about how things were going at the Roosevelt and at their new place, how work was going for each of us, fitness/nutrition talk, and a lot of “that’s what she said” jokes (my fave)! Sera used to work at the 24 Hour Fitness I went to and now has a membership in West Seattle, so she invited me to join her for Boot Camp at the 24 Hour Fitness Active over there.


Awwww yuh! Finally reunited with my old housemates, Sera & Jessica! So naturally, we’re kickin’ it Booty Camp style. Team Cupcake in da hooooouuse!


We used to go to Boot Camp together when she lived at the Roosevelt and our instructors referred to us as Team Cupcake, so it was nice to have a little TC reunion! I was a bit nervous because she had warned me that her regular instructor was pretty intense and really worked you hard . . . drill sergeant style. I don’t really flow with that method, so I didn’t know if I’d enjoy it or just walk out. Still, I went. Much to our surprise, there was a different teacher this week and she was GREAT! She was very encouraging while still challenging us and making sure we were sticking to proper workout form/technique to prevent injuries. Now THAT is my perfect training style. I can absolutely get into the circuit with that kind of leadership . . . which reminds me of my old trainer, Josh. He was great. I miss training with him. Still, I’m glad I got a chance to catch glimpses of his technique in hers. It was refreshing. For the workout, we did:


Warm-up: (once across the room)
Marching Soldiers, Walking Lunges, Inch-worms, Jog around the room

Triple Distance Push-ups: Push-up w/ Narrow distance between hands, Far distance between hands, then Normal distance between hands (x10 each arm)
Tabata Drill 1 > 20 secs of Wall Sits, 20 secs of Squats
15 Burpees
15 Push-ups to Side Plank
Tabata Drill 2 > 20 secs of Fast Feet, 20 secs of Tuck Jumps
CrossFit Drill > 8 rounds of 10 Full-body Sit-Ups, 15 Squats, 1 lap around the room
Superman Banana Drill > On call switch between Superman & Boat Pose

It was a really great and tiring workout, but I’m glad I did it. I really pushed myself and felt accomplished afterward . . . not to mention those rip-roaring post-workout endorphins! 😉 After the workout, we headed back to their place and chatted a bit more about fitness, technology, and romance. At one point during the tour of their place, we found ourselves standing in the doorway chatting, much like we used to at the Roosevelt. It made me miss our hallway talks together. I’m hoping to be able to make the trip over to West Seattle to see my buddies more often. Being around them just makes me feel at home. Speaking of home, I now have 3 new housemates to get to know. This may be a tougher challenge, since it means starting over, but so far starting over hasn’t been a bad thing for me!

Figuring out my bus ride back to Seattle proper . . . and watching The Big Bang Theory! :D

Figuring out my bus ride back to Seattle proper . . . and watching The Big Bang Theory! 😀

Happy Fit Life Friday, Y’all!


Coffee + Softball = A Winning Combo


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