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Happy  Fit Life Friday from your favorite Snackasaurus Rex!! 

Okay, okay, so truth be told, I can’t take all the credit for that nickname. I mean, I’ve been using it to describe myself for quite some time now, but a quick Google search led me to discover that there’s actually a health & fitness blogger using the alias Snackasaurus Rex. So I guess in the meantime, we’ll just refer to me as the Hungry Hungry Hippo or something. 😉

One of the best signs a Yo' Lovin' girl could ever ask for! ♥ Oh how I love Cho!

One of the best signs a Yo’ Lovin’ girl could ever ask for! ♥ Oh how I love Cho!

Speaking of snacks and FitBloggers, I thought today might be a good day to share with you some of the latest snacks I’ve been trying out. The majority of these have been suggested by bloggers that I follow. I’ll also let you know that the majority of what you’ll see is processed food. However, a good bit of them are minimally processed and I STILL 100% believe that eating unprocessed food is the best way to fuel your body. However, let’s face it, life is life and  we shouldn’t deny ourselves some tasty treats, so sometimes that 80/20 rule I follow becomes my best friend. 🙂

Thank God for coupons–they are becoming my bosom buddies!

Thank God for coupons–they are becoming my bosom buddies!


First up is the Chobani Bites & Chobani Champion Tubes. The tubes are a TOTAL win!! They are easy to pack on-the-go, they’re sweet and filling, packing a good punch in a little tube. The Bites on the other hand are not my fave. I kind of like the Pineapple + Caramel flavor (though it confuses my taste buds) but seriously dislike the Coffee + Chocolate flavor. It actually broke my heart a bit when I ate a couple of bites, tossed it, and set the rest on the community giveaway shelf in the fridge at work.


Sweet and tasty, but I probably wouldn't stock up on them. :-/

Sweet and tasty, but I probably wouldn’t stock up on them. :-/


Staying on the Yo’ Train, I am ABSOLUTELY in love with these Lemon 100’s!!! Seriously, it’s like eating Lemon Merengue Pie . . . for breakfast and snack time!! Those didn’t last long. Sadly, only one store carries them here and it’s one that I have to “make a trip to.” So I need to do that sometime this weekend and stock up!


Come to Mama!

Come to Mama!


Break my little PB lovin' heart, why dontcha.

Break my little PB lovin’ heart, why dontcha.


I love the nutrition found in Chia seeds, but this one was no bueno. It had me going with dreams of decadent Chocolate Peanut Butter (my weakness) and just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I’m thinkin’ I’ll just stick to this . . .


Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Cups Trax Mix

Trader Joe’s Peanut Butter Cup Trax Mix


Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!! This is SOOOOOOO delicious!!! I could seriously eat a bag in one day. It has all my favorites in one mix: mini peanut butter cups with dried cherries, almonds and cashews. It’s like I’ve died and gone to PB Heaven! I’m asking Santa for a bag of this yummy goodness in my stocking this year!


Thanks but no thanks . . .

Thanks but no thanks . . .


I had a QFC coupon for a free cup of this Liberte Greek Yogurt, but it just tasted chalky and not tart enough. That’s lame, Yo’. #SeeWhatIDidThere


Stop me if you've heard this one: A Gnu and a Bird walk into a Bar . . .

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: A Gnu and a Bird walk into a Bar . . .


This Gnu Flavor & Fiber bar was fantastic!! I was hanging out at a coffee shop before our softball game last week and I got a craving for banana bread. Then I remembered I had this baby in my bag. So instead of ordering up some of theirs, I simply got a coffee refill and munched on this. It hit the spot for sure!! Again, it’s one of those that I have to travel a bit to get to, but so worth it!


I am dissapoint.

I am disappoint.


I actually got pretty excited about this Earth Balance spread because (HELLO!!) I am a full-fledged nut butter addict who also happens to love coconut. So put the two together and what do you get?? Something I’m really not into. Sadly, the flavor just didn’t fit right and the texture wasn’t what I would consider a “spread.” I was pretty bummed that this wasn’t very satisfying. However . . . THIS gem down here:


. . . Is crack in a jar!!

. . . Is crack in a jar!!


You know that old Christmas poem where it says that visions of Sugarplums filled the heads of the sleeping children? That is false. They were OBVIOUSLY envisioning Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter! I definitely ate this one straight outta the jar. I’m also taking some home to my family when I visit this summer because, if you’ve got a treasure like this, you GOTTA share it with the ones you love! 😉 #YOLO


2 for a dollar makes me wanna holler!

2 for a dollar makes me wanna holler!


These Larabar Bites were on sale at the grocery store this week so I went ahead and got one of each to sample. These are total winners! They’re a great little on-the-go snack. They were equally delicious and left me feeling energized and full of goodness. The hard part was deciding which to eat first—my favorite cookie flavor or my favorite pie flavor. Sorry cookies, PIE always wins! 😉

Now that I’ve tried a bunch of the packaged snacks, I’m excited for the bounty that will come in the form of fresh snacks in this fruitful season we’re heading into. Yes, ladies and gents, PEACH SEASON is upon us!!!



Whoooo hoooo!!! My 1st peach of the season!!! 😀


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