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The Sidestep | Fit Life Friday

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My clothing was strewn about on the counter in the Emergency Room, showing signs of the panic that had just ensued. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself and think, “And everyone said:

Oh it’s gonna be fine. Everything will be fine. Wisdom tooth extractions are normal. Nothing will go wrong. You’ll be okay. The recovery will be fun. Nothing ever really goes wrong in these things.”


Remember that one time I got my wisdom teeth out and ended up in the hospital?!? Yeah that was awesome … NOT!!

Wellllllll . . . I guess I never was one for status quo 😉


So for those who don’t know, yesterday morning I went in to the dentist’s office to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. It wasn’t because they were infected or anything, but rather because I had a surplus of dental insurance funds that I hadn’t taken advantage of yet that would not carry over to the next year, when my dental plan was scheduled to change and exclude wisdom tooth extractions. So I picked  a time that would be most “slow” on the work end and before the year was up.



The surgery itself went fine and my mouth is healing well, although sore at times. The only major setback is that during the time of coming to after the post-op rest period, I started experiencing some extreme side effects. We discovered that I am allergic to valium, which is what they gave me to take before my extraction surgery.

I ended up staying the night at Northwest Hospital because of the severe allergic reaction to the valium. 😦 I had lost all muscle control and was having hallucinations, manic outbursts/meltdowns bouts of not breathing and medicinal psychosis caused by the drugs. After some quality time in the ER, the docs ended up administering a syrum that directly counteracts valium and shortly thereafter I was back to a more normal self. They have me hooked up to machines and are keeping me under observation because of the severity of the reaction and my because extremely low heart rate (in the low 30s) caused by the valium. I’ll be recovering here for a while while they clear out the toxins.


The best part of waking up in the hospital is actually waking up. The 2nd best part is love notes from your friends that stay the night to make sure you’re okay! 😀 Thanks, sis!!


The GIANT praise report is that at my pre-op appointment, the dentist had sent me home with some valium to take the night before, but I had accidentally lost that envelope with the packet of meds and was unable to take that. Even being in the ER last night was touch and go with my breathing, so had I taken that the night before, I may not have woken up. God has been creating ALLLLLLL sorts of Divine appointments/rescues during this!

This will definitely be a wisdom tooth extraction to remember 😉



Now, for the FIT LIFE Friday part of it all, let me start by saying that there is nothing more bummer sauce than being able to order delicious food off the hospital menu and being told, “M’am, you actually can’t have that. You’re on an all liquid diet.” DARN YOU, WISDOM TEEEEEETH!!!



In prepping for the operation, I wanted only healthy foods. I KNEW I could totally take advantage of the procedure to gorge on milkshakes, ice cream, etc, but I wanted a QUICK and healthy recovery, so I opted for Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkin Protein smoothies, No-Sugar Added applesauce, V8, Sugar-Free popsicles, hard boiled eggs, and 2x Protein greek yogurt with fruit.



Even the “last meals” I had the day before the surgery were delicious and healthy so that I wouldn’t go into it with junky gross food that wouldn’t promote the type of healthy recovery I was aiming for.


Lunch the day before was a Low-Sodium Chicken and Veggie soup with cucumbers, oranges, and some Decaf Italian Roast! 😀

My Seattle Sister, Nicki had told me that I didn’t want to eat spicy foods during recovery and that I should get them in BEFORE the surgery, so you better believe I FULLY took advantage of that opportunity! My dinner the night before the surgery was a 3-egg Cajun Chicken Omelet, Italian seasoned veggies, Honeycrisp apple slices (which I then later sprinkled with cinnamon) and some peppermint decaf coffee!! Perfect last meal is perfect!!! ♥


My dentist had me start a fast at midnight the night before, so I ate a bunch of italian seasoned veggies and drank some tea RIGHT before the time was up.


Sorry there’s no actual food showing, it was just too good to wait to snap a pic of! 😉


The only thing I had eaten after my wisdom tooth extraction had been a container of apple sauce, a smoothie, and a container of yogurt. Then, I didn’t have anything to eat until this morning just because of the trauma and recovery from the night before. Finally, I eased into my first snack of the day:


The monkey is my faithful recovery companion 😉 don’t worry, no monkeys were harmed in the devouring of this food! PS: the Butternut Squash Soup at Northwest Hospital is THE BOMB DIGGITY!! On the menu: Butternut Squash Soup, Low-Sodium V8, Orange sherbert, and Jello!


My friend Elizabeth works here at the hospital, and stopped by to see if I wanted anything and I had her bring me more snacks 😉


More V8 & Vanilla Yogurt! Yum sauce! THANK YOU, Elizabeth!!!


Then, I ordered some good lunch. It’s nice to know that I’m getting my hungry hungry hippo appetite back 😉


On the menu: Free Range Chicken Broth, Jello, Vanilla Yogurt, V8, Strawberry Sherbert, and Chocolate Pudding!! 😀 Holy yum!!


One of the questions that my friends had posed was whether my healthy eating habits had  been part of the reason why I had the reaction to the valium. I thought it was a valid concern as well, but the docs assured me that not only is that NOT the case at all, but that the healthy eating habits is what is helping me recover so well. All in all, recovery is going great and I should be outta here by tomorrow!! Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me and taking care of me and sending their love, encouragement, and prayers my way!


I can’t wait to get back to my shenanigans!!

Happy Fit Life Friday, y’all! 


Author: Amanda Martinez

I am a mexican chick, born in Germany, raised in Austin, TX, lived in Seattle, WA, and now back home in Texas! I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a graphic designer, a youth pastor, a comedienne, a songwriter, a screenwriter, and a lover of music, art, people, and the world around me! Join me on the journey as I share with you my thoughts, dreams, passions, and experiences!

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