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Restless Dream


Can I get an AMEN?!? ;p

Good morning! My name is Amanda and I am pleased to call this Paranoid Parrots Anonymous meeting to order!

That’s right folks, for the past couple of days, I have truly been my mother’s daughter—a full blown nervous wreck. In about an hour, I will be sitting in a dentist’s chair, getting my veins pumped with a super set of drugs that will whisk me away to Dreamland. And when I awake, I will have 4 fewer teeth in my mouth—WISDOM TEETH, that is! Don’t worry though, they’re not infected or anything. It just so happens to work out with my insurance company to use their big benefits to get them outta there before the end of the year (because they’ll switch things up in the new year) since they’re just crowding up the place. 

Now, as I said before, I’m a worrier. In fact, I’ll share an honest moment with you—I woke up on Wednesday at 5am and I haven’t been to sleep since. My mind has been going non-stop with the TO-DO list and the WHAT IFs. I’ve been on the phone texting and online e-mailing, posting legit concern questions on Facebook, and even some not legit just to make myself laugh off the fear. :-/ You see, I KNOW it’s going to be a painful recovery. The majority of people I’ve talked to agree—it’s achy and uncomfy and painful. Well, I have a SUPER low pain tolerance! How am I gonna survive?!? Plus . . . 

  • I HATE being poked and prodded.
  • I HATE taking drugs.
  • What if he hits a vein the wrong way and I end up bleeding out and dying in the chair?
  • What if I OD and don’t wake up?
  • I HATE not being in control of my mind and body . . . or, honestly, in control of myself & circumstances in general :-/
  • I can’t have a lot of my favorite foods.
  • I can’t do everything I want to do because I’ll have to take it easy at first.
  • I won’t be able to do much talking . . . like . . . at all 😥
  • I don’t like making people feel like they have to babysit me.
  • I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be a bear of a whiny brat through this whole thing . . . and that sucks.

And a slew of other ridiculous thoughts. And though I know how ridiculous they are, I keep thinking them. Boo. The good thing is that I’ve had an incredible flood of love and compassion poured on me from friends who are walking through this big event (for me, it’s huge, y’all!) with me. All I want is a safe, quick, healthy recovery with as little pain as possible. I know I’ll probably look back on this post and laugh, but it’s the real deal raw thoughts of this Paranoid Amo Parrot and I can’t be ashamed of that. 🙂


But seriously, I DEMAND stickers for this!


So here’s to being an Amo the Chipmunk and to lots of smoothies, yogurt, and applesauce! I really AM looking forward to the food though. I think I set myself up pretty great—more on that tomorrow for the FIT LIFE FRIDAY post, though. In the meantime, I’ll show you what I’ve been up to for the past few hours to prep for the big wisdom tooth extraction!


Just me??? No?? yes??? 😉

How I prepped for my wisdom teeth removal surgery:


I did laundry and took a shower so that I could be fresh and clean clean for the quality time I’ll be spending in my bed 😉


Then I got my room all set up ready to keep me occupied in those moments when my friends aren’t able to stick around and/or when we just need something to keep us entertained. 😉


Got my bedside supplies ready: Meds, Coaster for smoothie bottles/food, Hot Rice Pack for easing pain, books books and mas books, house slippers for getting to and fro, lotion to keep me calm and my skin hydrated, keys for those that need them. I also added a notepad and pen so that I could write things down to communicate with the person watching over me.

I’m thinking I may even utilize my Lisa Frank art kit and write some funny snail mail letters & postcards! Would you like one???

Excess movies on my bookshelf for my viewing pleasure, got my electric guitar ready for some strummin’, plus an egg carton craft to work on for this Sunday’s kid’s church craft, got my PS2 all set up to play the DVDs.

The main hub of my movie supply is ready to be hacked into (including multiple viewings of my most recent purchase: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, My computer to check e-mail and blog and play Plants VS Zombies and such, My lil’ cuzzo cub Nate is gonna keep me company onscreen too!; Candles for creating a calming atmosphere, mas booooooks!


I read online that you’re not supposed to lay on your back during recovery, but that you’re supposed to sit up and lean back on the headboard, so I got my pillows all situated for that. I put my stuffed monkey friend on my pillow so I can cuddle with him when I get home. And after I took this pic, I set out my Mario PJ shirt to be changed into when I get home. 😀 I’ll need the power-up for the recovery! 😉


I also double-checked that all my food was stored properly and checked e-mails, sent Heather (my best friend who will taking me to and from the appointment as well as being my main caretaker all day today  😀 ) a list of important codes/logins/pin #s and such,  sent out a reminder text to let people know I won’t be able to TALK on the phone but that text and e-mail were very much welcomed. And now I’m all fresh and clean, dressed in my favorite clothing items, ready to get this game over!


Monkeys, Mario, and Crossbones . . . a winning recovery combo!

Here’s to a happy and healthy recovery!

And don’t worry, we’ll be documenting it all with pics and video footage! :O


Feel free to leave me some love and laughs in the comments! Tell me a story about your wisdom teeth experience. Tell me a joke. Ask me questions. Link me to some funny stuff, sad stuff, education stuff, whatevs. Let me know if I’m the only one who gets all Paranoid Parrot about things like this. :O I’ll be reading and responding to them during my recovery!


Author: Amanda Martinez

I am a mexican chick, born in Germany, raised in Austin, TX, lived in Seattle, WA, and now back home in Texas! I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a graphic designer, a youth pastor, a comedienne, a songwriter, a screenwriter, and a lover of music, art, people, and the world around me! Join me on the journey as I share with you my thoughts, dreams, passions, and experiences!

3 thoughts on “Restless Dream

  1. Hi paranoid parrot! You are so funny and genuine. I love you! FYI my wisdom teeth came in great but I did get my gall bladder removed due to gallstones so I know what you are thinking right now. And you are so ready and organized, wow! I was very anxious about a painful recovery, hard to explain to Fabian. And afraid to be out of control. But God provided for me! My grandparents took me to and from the hospital and they were rock stars. They have had their fair share of procedures and had empathy to spare. And my mom gave me her bedroom so I could be nursed 24/7 for three days by her and Meagan. Elliott was on Giovanni duty. So my kid was super happy and close enough for a hug. And when i went home people brought us dinners. So yes the recovery was hard. But I can look back and see provision and blessing. I believe you will have an awesome sauce story too when this is all just a memory 🙂

  2. I have that book, Women Who Run With the Wolves. Interesting and very feminist. Are you a feminist, too, Amanda?

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