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Forever and Always

It felt a bit like a bonus Christmas gift when I found out that Parachute was coming back to Seattle so soon after their show here with Kate Voegele. They rarely get the chance to come up here for shows, so two days after the tickets had gone on sale, I snatched mine up and did a happy dance—I knew that I’d be seeing mah boys so soon! Anytime Parachute comes to town, my day is automatically supercharged and it’s cause for celebration. In true celebratory fashion, I got off of work early and went to dinner with my best friend, Heather, at Thai Tom (quite possibly the BEST Thai food I’ve had in Seatttle). Afterward, we grabbed coffee and talked about life and the upcoming concert and pretty much everything under the sun. It was the perfect setup to what would be one of the best nights of my life.

Me + Johnny Pancakes

As I was waiting in line for the doors to open, Nate came out and said hey and gave me a hug. That made me smile big time because I seriously felt like it had been forever since I’d seen him, even though it hadn’t. At that point, I knew that since he was out grabbing dinner, the doors were even closer to opening. Throughout the course of the evening, I made friends with a new concert buddy who had just moved to Seattle from Maryland. We had a lot in common and hit it off quickly and easily. I found out that we share the same taste in music, love the arts, and we both have forearm tattoos . . . you know, all the important things. We stood next to each other and had fun singing and dancing along during the show. At one point, Will threw his guitar pick in the crowd and I saw it on the ground and handed it to my new friend. She said it totally made her night and that made me even happier!

Me + Kit

One of the many things keeping me on Cloud 9 through the day was knowing that this show was only going to feature Parachute and O.A.R. and that there would be no other openers, which meant longer set times! Parachute’s set made for a fun, high-energy, rock show like no other. Then again, those guys never fail to bring their A-Game to the show. There were a lot of sweet surprises throughout their set—the biggest being when Jerry DePizzo (O.A.R.) came out to join the guys with a top-notch sax feature during SOMETHING TO BELIEVE IN. Watching Kit and Jerry have an onstage saxophone jam session only raised the energy level higher and the crowd went wild! Will led the crowd through all the favorites, including my personal favorite, She (For Liz). The guys rocked every song on the setlist hard with killer guitar solos, bangin’ beats, and onstage dancing. I was sad to see them leave the stage, but looked forward to hearing more from O.A.R., whom I hadn’t heard much of before that night.

Me + Alex

O.A.R.’s set was just as energetic and full of surprises as Parachute’s. As they played the night away, I kept thinking, “This is THE perfect show combo. They were seriously musically made for each other.” The sound was incredible and the beats were bumping. We even got a surprise guest trumpet solo from Rashawn Ross (Dave Matthews Band)! As the band played on I discovered that I actually knew more O.A.R. songs than I had thought.

Me + Nate-Tron

After the show, a group of us “Chutes” hung out around the merch booth anxiously waiting for the guys to come say hey. It was funny to see everyone looking up and down the hallways on pins and needles to see if it was them coming around the corner or not. Will, Alex, and Johnny finally made their way up and we all got to chat with them, get our things signed, and photos taken with them. I got to chat a bit with Johnny and Alex about Rashawn’s  trumpet solo and life in general—Alex even complimented me on my graphic design work! As others dwindled down, my new friend and I stuck around and got to talk more with the guys. I asked Will what was coming up after the next short headlining run and he said that they would be spending some time in the studio recording some of the new songs he’d worked on. Imagine a 5-year-old with $100 in a candy shop . . . that’s how I felt as I grinned ear to ear. He also shared some new upcoming releases and touring info that made me even more excited! As we made our way out to the lobby, we ran into Kit and Nate and stopped to talk to them for a long while. It was so great to get to see the guys and to hear their excitement about the new things coming up for them. It made me so proud of them and hopeful that even more people will get the chance to hear Parachute’s rockin’ music.

Me + Willy-J

After the venue staff let us know that it was time to shut the place down, we carried the convos on outside until the guys had to head back to Selsun Blue (their brand new blue tour bus) to hang out with O.A.R. for one last hurrah before parting ways. It was such an incredible evening and even though I got home at an ungodly hour and didn’t have much time to sleep before the next morning’s intense Boot Camp workout, it was worth it—those guys always are!

Here are some of my favorite photos that I took during the show. You can also scroll down to watch some of the videos, including my FAVORITE—Marc Roberge (O.A.R.) and Will doing a cover of Ryan Adams’ DESIRE!

Me + my new concert buddy!


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Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)

My year of “DISCOVERY” is off to a great start!

So far, I’ve made many positive changes in my life and I’ve been able to push past my preconceived limits to try new things and get to know people in my life on a whole new level. In flowing with my theme of Discovery, I’m proud to say that last night, I went on my very first Art Walk. Having lived in Seattle for the past 4 years, I’ve heard of these, but haven’t always been keen to try them due to ignorance and a busy schedule. However, when I found out that one of my amazing Turbo Kick instructors, Rob Vincent, is an artist and was going to be displaying his paintings in the Wallingford Art Walk, I jumped at the opportunity! I love all things creative, but I was still unsure of what to expect at an “Art Walk.” What I discovered was a burst of creativity and inspiration in a very relaxed style—right up my alley!

As I walked into the lobby of Key Bank in Wallingford, I was greeted by Rob’s smiling face and his gorgeous paintings. My all time favorite that I couldn’t help but stare at over and over while I was there, was his painting of “On the Aegean, Santorini“:

We got to talk about his history of painting and how he manages to paint while maintaining his other jobs plus a new little baby boy. We also talked about his travels and it definitely refueled the travel bug in me. Each of his paintings had so much detail and  whether it was a painting of a fish, a cat, or a door, they all created a sense of joy and peace, I could hear the level of Rob’s passion for art as he discussed some of the stories behind the paintings. That only made the paintings in the room that much more wonderful. Another part of the showing that captured my attention was his series of doors. There’s just so much symbolism for me in the concept of doors—where they will lead, which ones need to be shut, who else has traveled through it, and so on.

Having found his website, I also discovered this gorgeous cut paper art that I love!

I had such a wonderful time at my very first Art Walk
and I’m really looking forward to going to another one soon!

RVincent Art

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