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If there’s one thing that gives me nightmares, it’s the thought of shopping during the holiday season, and for me, Black Friday shopping at stores is the worst.  I tried it once and I doubt I’ll try it again. There is just something so scary to me about grown adults fighting over movies and toys and games at 2 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving. I’m actually quite surprised that there are no documentaries about Black Friday showing on Animal Planet. It’s times like these that I’m thankful for the internet and the wonders of online shopping.

One of the new design projects I just finished is actually very much connected to online shopping. A few months ago, my friend, Heather Jolly and I were sitting in a coffee shop talking about each of our dreams for the future. One of hers involved starting a small business where she could sell some all-natural homemade soap that she had learned to make. We got a chance to talk about some of the practical steps needed to make that happen and now, she has her Etsy shop all set up and she’s been successfully building her clientele! Through our conversations, she decided to hire me to design the brand collateral for this new business adventure. It was such an honor for me to get to design for her! What’s even better is that she’s also given me the opportunity to try some of her amazing products before they even hit the market—and man, do they make my skin happy! I can’t wait until she releases her lotion line!

In the meantime, I’ll share with you some of the work I created to come up with the branding for Jolly Mountain Soap. We started with some basic color pallets and she asked for a wide range of designs both including and excluding the concept of a mountain. These were the samples I first sent her way to look over:

Muted colors + texture with a fancy logo


Her favorite color featuring a water effect to promote the soap aspect


Smoky color scheme incorporating a mountain


A bolder approach highlighting a mountain logo


After looking over the logos and finalizing details and which look would suit her business best, she chose this design:

The new look of Jolly Mountain Soap!


Part of her package also included a product label to go with her packaging. Now her soaps are sporting this fun little guy:

Packaging sticker!


And of course, a fresh Etsy banner!


It felt great to make something that she was incredibly proud of! Of course, the many bonus coffee date meetings we had to go over things wasn’t too shabby either. 😉 I love spending time with her and listening as she shares her big dreams and creative thoughts. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful friend who shares my love for art and creating new things. I’m really looking forward to seeing her business take off—the open doors and local consumer demand she’s already accumulated amazes me!

And in case you are a super huge fan of online shopping (like me), stop by JOLLY MOUNTAIN SOAP and use the coupon code “BlackFriday2011” to save 10% OFF your entire order! (Offer expires Nov. 28th)

Still not sure if it’s worth it? Just check out these awesome products:

2.4 oz Coffee ground french press coffee soap


3.0 oz Aloe Vera Cupcake Soap


2 oz Lavender Oatmeal Cold Process Soap

Author: Amanda Martinez

I am a mexican chick, born in Germany, raised in Austin, TX, lived in Seattle, WA, and now back home in Texas! I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a friend, a graphic designer, a youth pastor, a comedienne, a songwriter, a screenwriter, and a lover of music, art, people, and the world around me! Join me on the journey as I share with you my thoughts, dreams, passions, and experiences!

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