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Stare At The Sun

Cap'n Vanessa the Brave

I recently took a trip back home to Austin to visit my family and friends for the summer. One of the things I took into account in my trip planning was our family’s annual trip to Schlitterbahn! I have so many fond memories of going to Schlitterbahn as I was growing up. My favorite rides are the tube chutes:

Hillside Tube Chute at Schlitterbahn

They are just so fun and chill. Other favorites include the Der Bahn, which is a tall and super fast body slide:

Der Bahn at Schlitterbahn

And the Boogie Bahn, where you get to try to stay on the boogie board as the waves try to sweep you away:

The Boogie Bahn at Schlitterbahn

But if you were to ask my niece, Cap’n Vanessa the Brave what her favorite ride was, it would be Hans’ Hideout!

Hans' Hideout at Schlitterbahn

One of the sweetest moments I had at Schlitterbahn this year was hanging out at Hans’ Hideout with my niece. We walked up to the boat and she started running up the rope rigging with excitement and the biggest smile ever. As we got in the main part of the ship, she found the ship’s wheel and started saying she was heading north to take the treasure to safety. So I decided to play along.

The ship naturally has TONS of water flowing out of it squirting every which way, as if it were in a giant storm. So I started raising my voice with urgency saying, “Ahoy, Cap’n! We have to get the ship to the Mermaid Isles before the ship goes down! The storm is a’ brewin’ something fierce!” And to that, she perked up and started spinning the wheel faster. She totally took on the role as Captain and we had so much fun! We went all over the boat storing our treasure in make believe hidden compartments and locking them away with magic keys. When the time came for us to head back out to grab lunch, I looked to her and said, “Oh no, Cap’n! We have to abandon ship or we’ll be headed down to Davy Jones’ Locker!” And with that, we ran out, yelling ABANDON SHIP! And the thing that made it extra fun is that, while the other parents around simply smiled at us or gave us annoyed looks, the other kids running around on the boat joined in and yelled ABANDON SHIP with us!

I still can’t forget the giant smile that Vanessa had on her face as we headed out of the area. I love getting to share in her imaginary adventures.

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American Woman: Best Friend Tourettes Pt. 2

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Here’s our 2nd video blog for you to enjoy!

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VIDEO BLOG: All That You Are

My best friend, Sarah, is here for her Birthday Weekend Getaway
and we decided to document all of our fun times
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