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My Racing Thoughts

Wow! This past week/weekend was non-stop action and adventures
and I am NOT complaining!

On Tuesday, I got to go with my friend Maggie to the batting cages
to practice for our softball game.

I may have been hesitant to believe it at first, but going to the cages REALLY helped!! I was able to make great contact with the ball during the game and I even got on base and made a home run! Since the batting cages are located at a fun center, we also decided to work on our Dance Dance Revolution moves . . . you know, so we can do a victory dance. And a victory dance is exactly what we did when we won our game! We beat the other team 26 to 9!

On Thursday my friend, Bianca, from Texas came to visit and we got to go exploring around the city and do some awesome touristy things!

Fun times at Pike Place Market

Checking out the Gum Wall

I LOVED the Nirvana exhibit at the EMP!

I recorded a video at the EMP Share Your Story Booth, talking about how music has shaped my life.

After dinner with Bianca, I headed back to my neighborhood to catch the midnight showing of X-Men: First Class and it was FANTASTIC!! I want to see it again!

On Saturday, I also got to celebrate the graduation of one of my dear friends!
His name is Dr. Evan Jones.

Evan and Cindy have taken me in since the first time I met them. They have gone above and beyond to make me feel a part of their family and they are amazing friends!! I love getting to spend quality time with them. And I’m especially lucky in that Evan and I share the qualities of quick wit and the ability to rapid fire respond with movie quotes and songs, so there’s never a dull moment with us. Also, he’s a really great cook and I’m not, so every time I go over, I’ll go on this tangent of telling him how to cook and that he really needs to pay attention when I’m teaching him how to navigate the kitchen. 😉 Now he’s officially a doctor, which means that in a couple of weeks, they’ll be moving away so that he can do his residency. I’m REALLY REALLY REALLY going to miss them so much!

Dr. Jones

On Sunday, I got to celebrate Westside Church’s 13th birthday with my church family!

The potluck was great and I may have had a few too many chocolate peanut butter rice krispy treats. We had so much fun at the park and I even got to play in the bounce house! We had a jazz band and I was tempted to request that they play 50 Cent’s IN DA CLUB . . . but I refrained. 😉

The crowd starting to gather at the park

Later that evening, I got to watch one of my favorite comedians, Jason Sudeikis, host the MTV Movie Awards. And as a bonus, Foo Fighters played their latest single release, WALK, from their new album, WASTING LIGHT! I loved it!!